“Pendleton Highway is a country band and so much more,” –  The Chronicle.

In 2018, Pendlton Highway, formally known as the Jimmy Bobby band, was born. When a band member from Jimmy Bobby decided to leave the band , Jimmy sought out the one person that vocally was sure to amaze those that would hear her, Becca. “The first time I heard Becca sing she brought tears to my eyes” describes Jimmy.

The magic doesn’t end there. With Becca’s incredible vocal range to Jimmy’s high energy antics on stage, Pendleton Highway can only be experienced. It is obvious the two are not strangers to entertainment as with the rest of the band. The bands philosophy is “Everything Leads to the Stage”. “We want everyone that comes to our shows to walk away with a moment, something that WOW’s them!” said Jimmy. You will be entertained!

Rounding out the band with their sweet sounding 4 part harmonies and jaw dropping guitar solos are Rich Lee, Huck Berry, Kim Smith and Joe Ficek. Rich, originally from Kansas City, is the bassman who has been with the band from the start. Kim Smith is the foundation of Pendleton Highway’s  goose bump harmonies. Joe Ficek, the drummer, joined the band after leaving the Most Wanted band. Joe’s country drumming style is a compliment to the original flavor of Pendleton Highway. Lastly Huck Berry, The bands lead guitar player brings an amazing quality with his picking, sound and versatility. Keep a close eye on Huck. He brings a stage presence all his own.

We recently released “Cry A Little Bit” on video,  with sound recorded at Gung-Ho studios in Oregon and Video shot by JA Photo and Video also in Oregon.  Country music is our passion but sometimes with a twist as you will hear in the song “ I like Watching you go”.  “Cowboy Right” is a song with a strong message available on all the streaming services.

Pendleton Highway is a frequent guest at the Emerald Valley Opry.  They have also shared the stage with legends like Chubby Checker and the Guess Who.  They are not strangers at festivals like DuneFest on the Oregon Coast.

Getting here has not been easy, but we stay true to our love, the music, the dream, the stage.